Timo’s Spotify and Beatport charts – July 2021

Summertime, off-season, heat, humidity, sandstorm. Another July in UAE but don't worry music sounds great anyway. Check my fresh playlists on Spotify and Beatport wherever you are and follow my accounts. I've picked only several songs this month because I am super busy, working hard on playlists and mixes for amazing Raffles The Palm. I [...]

New month, new playlists from Timo Higgs

Every month brings some fresh, new, interesting tracks I am sharing with you by my Beatport and Spotify playlists. April was full of downtempo and oriental inspirations cause of my studio work. Enjoy , follow my profile and my playlists, like and share 😉 click a photo to get there https://open.spotify.com/playlist/1DODj3dQ2os2p5HwTUSNYs?si=1cfaab04f208426d Timo Higgs monthly chart [...]