Collab songs finally released worldwide

Needed”, “Chapa Kazi”, “Double life” – 3 songs with Mura KE and Zoey Kiritu finally are available worldwide in all digital stores and streaming services. That’s positive of having so much free time – I was finally able to do some research and make all these releases myself using online distributors. Now You can support us and enjoy our music on such platforms like Spotify, iTunes, Deezer, Boomplay, and 100 more. 

If anyone wants to ask me which distribution is the best I would say “none”. You need to use 2 or maybe even 3 of them to add Your songs to all stores You want. You will never get all important services from one – sometimes cover song rights cant be provided, sometimes automatic royalties sharing not implemented, sometimes service is free, sometimes per song, sometimes per artist. You need to do that same research as I did and decide what fits You. It takes time because there are so many now – just go trough their www sites, check reviews on multiple groups and You will find the perfect one.

Enjoy our music, more is coming soon. But first, two of my finished, cover songs have to be released – “DJs in a row” by Schwab and “Pretty Woman”. Stay tuned.

2019/20 UAE season short summary

My last post in 2019 was about Ghana event – it doesn’t mean nothing happened after it.

December was very busy as usual in the UAE. I kept playing my DJ residency hours in Fairmont The Palm 5 days a week. I did a few additional gigs during the festive season. At the end of the year, I was drifting more and more to chilling progressive vibes and afro house, enjoying the weather and breathtaking sunsets on The Palm, trying to switch to my new drum sampler since my previous unit literally burnt.

New Years’ Eve night I was playing the second year in the row in beautiful Sixth Sense Resort in Oman Ziggy Bay along with a really good band from Russia. It’s always very unique and challenging performance in this special place – You should check this resort online. It’s even more satisfying because it’s the client of our event company – Production7.

Until March everything was going very smoothly for all of us, I was already planning Ramadan trips and fresh music for the new season starting in the last days of May, unfortunately, all entertainment in UAE was stopped and the season finished for me in the last week of March. Can’t wait to start playing music again.

Hello again, hello 2020 world

After a long social media break, I am back here. When I decided to give myself some time away from Facebook, WWW or Insta I didn’t know what 2020 will bring for all of us.

I wanted to focus more on my life, rethink what I’m willing to share online, remove some bad energy. It was supposed to take maybe 3-4 weeks but in the end, I was not so much active for 6 months. You may have noticed I reduced drastically my Facebook posts, I am trying to keep Instagram updated maximum twice a week, I didn’t get excited with TikTok or Snapchat at all.

Maybe it’s not trendy. maybe to have more “friends” or “followers” You must post about everything and all the time. Maybe nowadays to make more money You must show what you eat, what You wear and where You go every single day. Still, I feel it’s not my favorite.

I will keep updating my social media and WWW for professional reasons, definitely, it is easier and faster to introduce myself and my work sending a few links. So here I am, You are welcome to check what’s new with Timo Higgs – DJ, artist, drummer, producer, music lover.


It’s sweet to go “underground” from time to time

I believe none of us started his/her DJ career dreaming of playing radio hits or being told what kind of music to play during our performance. Even if many of us has became “open format” DJs to pay our bills with regular dj job, we still love to go little “underground” sometimes and play sets full of tracks we love, tunes which make us happy in the first place. That’s why it’s so important to get gigs in some new places, to play for different crowd and deliver something fresh and unexpected.

It’s not always about money, it will help You to stay healthy, to bring back this passion You had when you started. It will make you better dj in your venue too.

At least it works for me.