Raffles The Palm – check Matagi and SOLA Jazz Bar!

Raffles The Palm is officially open - let me invite you to our two amazing venues - Matagi restaurant and Sola jazz bar. Matagi is a modern asian cuisine , live cooking, family restaurant with live DJ and violinist performing every evening (7-11). Check their mouthwatering food served to the deep house beats. SOLA jazz [...]

Timo’s August 2021 playlists on Spotify and Beatport

Wow, I am 25 days late with my playlist - it shows perfectly how busy I am with Raffles The Palm pre-opening work. What exactly is my work I’ll explain this week in another post. Anyways, here it is, August favorites. Enjoy some oriental, organic and downtempo - it's booming now 😉 Hope you are [...]

New month, new playlists from Timo Higgs

Every month brings some fresh, new, interesting tracks I am sharing with you by my Beatport and Spotify playlists. April was full of downtempo and oriental inspirations cause of my studio work. Enjoy , follow my profile and my playlists, like and share 😉 click a photo to get there https://open.spotify.com/playlist/1DODj3dQ2os2p5HwTUSNYs?si=1cfaab04f208426d Timo Higgs monthly chart [...]