Video mix with Volumetric LED Technology

If you never have heard about volumetric LED technology you should check it now cause you will see it it the clubs, theaters and art galleries very soon. Check LEDPULSE Instagram (@ledpulse) and my YT channel soon to see the short video we prepared with Option1.

We used single volumetric unit as a background of my video mix. This time I’ve selected several beat and melodic loops to create 15 minutes live performance with Ableton and Push2. It was fun to work in some kind of “jam session” mode to put some things together and then watch interactive light system follow these sounds and beats. Unique experience and it’s amazing to be one of the first artists using it.

Guess what, looks like I will be this technology first ambassador in UAE.

Special thank goes to Feiruza Mudessir – the Finchitua brand founder and designer. You will see what she picked for me for this video, it’s just perfect outfit.

Timo Higgs / Uchanski / Shindwe – LED Pulse / Volumetric LED – Option1

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