Timo Higgs November 2021 Spotify and Beatport playlists here

Ohhhhh I’m sorry I am posting November playlists so late but it was really busy time. In general I have no much time for social media and I keep wondering how people do it – need to ask and learn cause I should definitely be more active to be famous and rich 😉

Busy is good after so many months so I am absolutely happy with it. We are doing better every week in SOLA Jazz Lounge, I finished cover of another classic track, I am pushing forward my two other projects, recording new mixes for hotel.

Here you are, my favorite tracks of November – some downtempo and afrohouse which are some kind of refreshing counterweight to my daily jazz and soul dose in SOLA Jazz Lounge in Raffles The Palm.

Listen, enjoy, share, follow! Music matters!

Timo Higgs Atlantis The Palm Dubai

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