Raffles The Palm – check Matagi and SOLA Jazz Bar!

Raffles The Palm is officially open – let me invite you to our two amazing venues – Matagi restaurant and Sola jazz bar.

Matagi is a modern asian cuisine , live cooking, family restaurant with live DJ and violinist performing every evening (7-11). Check their mouthwatering food served to the deep house beats.

SOLA jazz bar is where I spend most of my time now, you will find me there performing with a live bands 5 days a week. We are the best whisky&cigar place serving some tasty food and jazz music.

We have 5 different live bands from Tuesday to Saturday so you can check them all and pick your favorite night to come again and again. We have Claudia Patrice Trio (Tue), Gypsy Swing Trio (Wed), Carrie Gibson’s Nuvo Soul (Thu), Henrick Solera Duo (Fri), JR Trio (Sat) and and of course Timo Higgs dj sets with some jazzy, jazz hop, electro swing beats.

SOLA is open 5PM, my DJ set starts 7PM an first live band set usually starts 8:30PM.

Raffles The Palm Dubai

Hope to see you there soon.

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