What’s my job in the Raffles The Palm?

Timo Higgs – Dubai DJ and new Raffles The Palm music curator

That’s kind of new trend now to hire a person called music curator for your hotel property. I believe more hotels will follow soon to provide better experience for their guests. Competition is real and since we care about how amazing food, rooms and views we offer, since we pick carefully a air freshener we use in the rooms and common areas, yes it’s time to understand that background music even if it’s played in very low volume it actually matters and it may add value to the perfect hotel stay.

Most of the hotels use some music provider which delivers some broadcasting equipment (players) connected to hotel soundsystem. It allows to play some preselected playlist in every outlet. These playlists are made from their database, better or worse, depends on the provider you choose. They all claim your playlist will match to the venue’s vibe and style but it often ends with the staff switching music off cause songs are not what guest’s wanna listen or songs do repeat again and again. Eating romantic dinner when suddenly single upbeat radio hit hits the speakers among the chilling tracks – well it can kill the vibe. Listening that same song third time during 2 hours afternoon tea in the lobby lounge – there is no song we love much enough to be happy with that but computer randomizer doesn’t know it.

Here I am. As a in-house DJ I do perform in hotel outlets 5 days a week but as a music consultant I select songs matching to particular hotel zone or outlet. We moved it here in Raffles The Palm to another level cause we don’t play these playlists – I prepare continuous mixes to ensure transitions will be smooth and harmonic and our background music will become the soundtrack to your perfect stay. More, I do refresh these mixes every few weeks.

Is it real job? When you understand that I need to prepare at least 5-6 hours of fresh mix for one hotel zone, each mix is made from approximately 150 – 200 songs, I need to listen at least 600-800 songs to select what I need and what will fit. Then I need to spend at least 6-8 hours in the studio to mix these songs together in one set.

Ohhh, and I need to make 6 sets like this.

Every month.

Jazz, swing, chillout, pop, house, oriental, downtempo, lounge and more.

Yes it’s real. That’s what I do.

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