Sweating for a radio hit

Seal once said “The music industry is really funny, when you have a hit record, everyone knows who are you, everyone wants to do duets with you, then if you have a miss, people suffer from amnesia”.

Do we work so hard on new music because we got inspired and emotions boiling inside us and the only way we can find relief is to write new lyrics or melody? Is it this creative impulse powering us up to spend time in the studio?

What’s your drive?

First thing – most of your songs guys will not be radio or club hits, yes, like 99.9% I believe. So please guys stop calling your studio work posts on social media “making new hit song”, “another big one is coming”, “check this super hit”. No matter how much you believe in positive thinking, universe law of attraction and how much you love your music yourself. And please don’t get me wrong – I am not saying your music is not good but they are not big “hits” until hundreds, thousands or millions rather will listen to it and like it. Work for it, wait for it.

Obviously all of us (including me) we became slaves of fame, attention, popularity – we all want our songs to be heard, to get these all Top10, Top40, to be in the biggest radio and tv stations – but so many things must happen before – good idea, good song, good quality, good connections, good record label and good promotion, marketing, money for advertising, good connections again. Yes, it can start with a good song, your song – but let’s be real – nowadays big players can make a poor song very famous very easy and thousands of great songs will never be on the radio. Not so many producers will be ever lucky enough to work with big labels and promoters, accept it. Life will be easier and you will be able to focus on music now. Make music for pleasure, for fun, make music to express yourself.

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