Where we started

It was never my childhood dream to be a DJ. I was interested in music but I wanted to be a heavy metal band drummer and that’s how I started at the age of 14. While the biggest legends of house and techno were producing and performing their biggest hits I was spending any pocket money on the latest releases of Slayer, Sepultura, Obituary, Cannibal Corpse, Kreator and many more. Honestly speaking , I was spending mostly on clean tapes to copy new albums from my friends cause I couldn’t afford originals.

Making the long story short I started Djing at the age of 26 and which was supposed to be one weekend emergency help for my friend. I don’t want to forget these first performances on Denon DJ 1000 set, using my friend CDs with music I barely checked day before. I knew nothing about phrases, dance music styles, loops etc – only beat matching was easy to learn cause of my drummer experience.

Where I started? There is a small club – pub in a city of Katowice where I used to live that time – it’s called City Pub and it’s a basement dancefloor thag could take maybe 50-60 people when squeezed. This place still does exist (looking way better now after many changes thats for sure) and sometimes when I am in Poland I visit to have a pint or two and recall on some memories. To remember that we never know where and when the new chapter of our life starts and where we can go from there. 15 years later, after visiting several countries, performing for small, big and very big crowds I still do remember this crazy mix of emotions in this City Pub – this adrenaline which made me change my life and follow this path.

Dear friends, new djs, bedroom djs, music passionates – if its your destiny it will find You. If it’s meant to be your career – it will happen. It will start one day maybe in such a small venue like a City Pub. Then, after time, while performing in places you never even dreamt of ….. remember where you started … and smile.

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