COVID trend – DJ mixes live streams

Being asked a few times if I am planning to do live streams of my dj sets I wanna share with You my opinion about this internet trend. Let’s say one important thing – there are/was some streams really, really awesome, creative, joyful, and interesting if it comes to music selection: Neevald and his friends always good, Bob Sinclair, Martin Garrix from the boat, yes, yes, yes .. but …

I understand we (DJs) are not working these days, I understand we miss parties and playing music, I also agree we all love music but … there are some reasons I decided not to join this madness:

Everyone is streaming now and quality of 95% of shows are very low – unfortunately, I’m talking not only about backgrounds, videos, location of performance – music is bad, boring, You will watch one or two guys changing songs every 4-5 minutes and they don’t know what to do between the transition.

Speaking of video – streaming from little space made in the bedroom or living room, with equipment on funny table and window curtains and flowers in the background, wearing pajamas and sipping beer which You keep on Your speaker .. sorry but nobody likes it – and it does not matter what Your mom, sister, girlfriend or friend who wants to be a dj say.

All this effort almost every day (or every single day) to play for 2-3 hours for .. 8 people watching (3 of them probably are in that room while You are djing). The peak of live stream 19 people for 7 minutes. Really? And You will do it tomorrow again? Trust me You can utilize Your time better.

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