“DJs in a row” cover released by 001 Records

Many years ago my DJ friend told me about the movie “That’s all gone Pete Tong”. Everyone was advertising it as a movie about the “deaf DJ” which was very intriguing. After all, movie is just pure fun, crazy but simple story of music, Ibiza old times, DJ life problems. Obviously the most important is music and the movie opening track became one of my favorite songs ever. In 2020 I am giving You cover of this track called “DJs in a row” originally recorded by Schwab – I see it as a good party or dj set starter, I love the lyrics and bassline. The track is now available worldwide on all digital stores and streaming services, You can find DJ version on famous Beatport too.
After 8 years from my debut, my song is released by Polish record label 001 Records which means a lot to me.

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