Pandemic time well spent

We are entertainers, our industry was one of the first affected by the pandemic and probably one of the very last coming back to work after. Being busy preparing for our daily gigs, driving from one venue to another, searching for more events to play, going for meetings, going to bed really late, and trying not to sleep too long – that was our life before. Now we have plenty of time we don’t know how to utilize in the very beginning. Boom! Somehow we got what we usually pray for so use this time well until our madness starts again.

I finally have time to practice drumming, daily rudimental 30-60 minutes to improve my speed and technique. I definitely know my sampler way better now and some sound banks I created will help me to improve performance with any kind of music.

I decided to spend more time learning Ableton and Push2, watching some tutorials, learning tips&tricks to improve my workflow, and get some inspiration for upcoming songs. Again, it became my daily routine now and showed me that it’s never too late to learn something new.

Pandemic will end one day soon and we will go back to our DJ work – I dedicated some time to organize my music library, replace my hard drive, make proper music selection. I kept searching for new tunes so I can deliver fresh, interesting mixes when we start dancing again. It’s hard work when You realize how many songs You have, how many You really play or like, how many of them You really need. 

I found time to read, and I’m not talking about the daily dose of annoying news on Your mobile screen. Use this free time to read a book, or two, or as many as possible – don’t waste it for Netflix binge-watching only, even if it’s fun sometimes. I read books I wanted to read but I was too busy (or I was thinking I am), I read novels, I read poetry, I read about music history – workout Your brain, feed it with something inspiring what will help You to be a better artist.

And last but not least – I think its the most important – spend time with Your family, if they far away now You have time and energy to call every day, to video chat more often, check on Your friends, there are no excuses now – keep in touch with them, be closer, be there for them.

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