Hello again, hello 2020 world

After a long social media break, I am back here. When I decided to give myself some time away from Facebook, WWW or Insta I didn’t know what 2020 will bring for all of us.

I wanted to focus more on my life, rethink what I’m willing to share online, remove some bad energy. It was supposed to take maybe 3-4 weeks but in the end, I was not so much active for 6 months. You may have noticed I reduced drastically my Facebook posts, I am trying to keep Instagram updated maximum twice a week, I didn’t get excited with TikTok or Snapchat at all.

Maybe it’s not trendy. maybe to have more “friends” or “followers” You must post about everything and all the time. Maybe nowadays to make more money You must show what you eat, what You wear and where You go every single day. Still, I feel it’s not my favorite.

I will keep updating my social media and WWW for professional reasons, definitely, it is easier and faster to introduce myself and my work sending a few links. So here I am, You are welcome to check what’s new with Timo Higgs – DJ, artist, drummer, producer, music lover.


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