2018/19 season in UAE done, what’s next?


Summer is here and 4 weeks of vacation soon. I can tell it was the most busy season here since I moved in 2013 and I feel really blessed with love, good jobs and good life. Time to relax a little and spend time with my family in Poland. I don’t know yet how to not play music for almost one month but that’s what I need – of course one suitcase is packed with my fav music toys like Push2 or SP555 so I can work with some new tracks, learn things I should learn, prepare fresh music for upcoming 2019/20 season. Happy to announce that I signed with Fairmont The Palm for one more year so You will be able to listen my mixes in BA, Seagrill, Frevo regularly.  Ramadan Kareem! in advance.

Baby, pack Your suitcase please, Europe calling 😉

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