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7 Emirates in 1 day, quite a feat! What inspired you to do this Timo? Please tell us you atleast had a driver…

Inspired me? Well in the course of growing up I can say we all have different inspirations we pick up. It started with album – my inspiration to make it I can say was getting through my anxiety – dealing so many years with panic disorder is not easy. I was trying to find an escape or let’s call it distraction – music was always the best therapy for me. I actually started working with a single track as usual but I lost control and suddenly several projects was “in progress” so I decided why not album.

The #7Emirates1Day came about trying to find a specific place to do the launch, it was not easy to pick a specific spot or Emirate to do this. I woke up to this crazy idea one day and after checking few details on Google Maps I decided to try.


Can you describe in a bit more detail some of the performances you did that day? I’m interested to know what the 7AM performance in RAK was that’s for sure! What type of show was that? 


I played my tunes adding some synth drums and my friend Vito prepared some guitar solos – it was important cause my album is 100% instrumental, no vocals at all, lot of space for additional acts during sets which was my intention.

Did any adoring fans follow you for the whole 7 emirates?

Funny thing I can say they were all probably not able to keep up with the 7Emirates drive .. but seriously – I don’t think I have or I should expect to have any fans – I have friends who support me with my music adventure and where they were able to show up they did show up. I met friends whom I didn’t see for years surprise me so that was also a highlight. I also had a lot of support all through via messages on my Facebook page, phone and Instagram, didn’t expect so many, hundreds of texts. Big thanks to all my friends.

Tell us about your album launch you have coming up, UCHANSKI?

To start with “UCHANSKI” is my family name, everyone knows me by my stage name Timo Higgs which I use already 10 years so now many people are really surprised that it’s not my real name. I never released full album, only single tracks , so this one is like my baby – well baby should have father’s name hahahaha

UCHANSKI” is 10 tracks songs, all instrumental, I can’t define it;s genre cause I was not limiting myself, sometimes it sounds like house, sometimes like techno, You can find some melodies like in oldschool trance or basslines from deep, I was just playing with samples, sounds and beats. I think finally I was able to free my mind and not think about who is this track or album for , where I will be able to play it or which radio can play it, if any. Album will be released in German label PearlsForPigs

Finally, what else have you got lined up for 2018?


Summer is very soon so we are preparing nice summer song with Ray Horton (The Real Milli Vanilli) and great sax from Dave Bo. I hope I can do gig or two while my short visit in Poland next month.


The biggest plan is keep enjoying music – making music, playing music and listening music – I hope I will never get bored or tired with it. There is no better therapy – not only for my anxiety.

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